Sunday, February 6, 2011


" Me and my companion toured the newbies around the MTC."
" We had a fireside and the speaker was JEFFREY R. HOLLAND!!!!! It was so crazy being so close to him. Of course it was amazing. It was king of a slap in the face just cause he told us we are the future and we need to pick it up. Stop goofing off and save peoples lives. It was the best though.
" The MTC is still great, getting sick of the food though. I'll have to get used to that considering I'm going to be here until March 23rd."

" The MTC is still just great and lovely. We got new missionaries in our zone and all the English speaking missionaries that came in the same day I did, just left yesterday. I guess that makes me a veteran"
" Hmong is coming along. I love that I'm learning a new language! It's so sick! So far our class is learning a lot! We all know how to pray, bear our testimonies, meet people, stuff like that... in Hmong not just English."
*( Brandon does not write Fresno, he refers the city as FresYES:)
" Anyways, I love you all very very much. I don't think an hour goes by without me thinking how blessed I am to have you guys there for me! I miss you very much! The Lord is definantly watching over me through all your prayers and love. Hopefully you'll find comfort through Him and know that I am here serving because of the knowledge I have of happiness that you give me and I am doing this so that others can find the same happiness."
" I love you all, keep writing me everyday. The church is true! Don't do drugs, stay in school! Love ya! Peace out, love,
Elder Allen