Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elder Brandon is alive and well!!

Elder Allen preaching the gospel from the "Mountain tops!" (It's actually p-day, hence the hat and running shoes. Why he hiked in his shirt and tie?....who knows!:)
"Mama is taking over".... the blog

Last update was when????... February!!!??? He left when????.....January!

Brandon has a very busy sister and so I am attempting to keep this blog alive from here on out:) I'll do my best....

A bit difficult to update the past 8 months, so lets flash forward to the present. Happy October!

Brandon has been gone now over 9 months! Where does the time go?
Brandon served the first part of his mission in Merced, CA and a couple of transfers ago he was sent to Fresno. It has been very hot most of his mission! The weather should be cooling down now for a few months.
Elder Allen has met a lot of amazing people during his time out in the mission field! His testimony of the gospel and how it can change the lives of people whom Brandon has learned to love, grows stronger everyday. He's always trying to improve his language and has had some great trainers to help him along the way. He is now is a trainer himself, in his new companionship. "These experiences are for our good"

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