Sunday, February 6, 2011

1st words from the MTC received on 1/11/11

" I love you and miss you a ton! The MTC is amazing, I love it here! The DearElder thing is awesome." via e-mail

" Thank you for all the support through all the letters and e-mails. I love you all very much, but I love the MTC!"
" All I heard before my mission was that it was horrible and it sucked, and I've come to find out that they must have had a horrible attitude that probably affected the outcome in the missionfield."
" I got my name tag and it is sick!"
" I met my companion, his name is Elder Pinter! He is awesome! He is from Alabama and has a crazy cool accent! We get along great!"
" I've seen Colby and Chris a ton and it is pretty cool!"
" Another thing I guess you should know is that Hmong is crazy!! I love it! I'm so glad to be learning a language.
" Me and my companion are zone leaders over 5 districts. We've been in meetings all day and training, so it's pretty exciting!!!! Overall the MTC rocks! The Church is true"
Peace out.
Elder Allen

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